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50 Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris SMA/Paket C/Setara

Catatan Penting!!!
"Maaf jika ada kesalahan penulisan dan jawaban. Maka Anda harus memperhatikan, memahami dan mempelajari soal-soal ini supaya jawaban anda dan jawaban di bawah sama benarnya. Untuk tidak menyalinnya bulat-bulat tanpa dipelajari.

Important Note!!!
 "Sorry if there are errors and writing answers. Then you should pay attention to, understand and study the problems that your answers and the answers under the same point. Not to copy them round-round without being studied.

The following text is for question 1-3

Attention to all students of SMA Trimurjo.

Your buses will leave in about fifteen minutes. For those who are still inside the museum, you are expected to go back to the buses in the parking lot soon. All teachers and the bus crew are waiting. For all group captains, please do check up your members. If you have lost any of them, contact your teachers or the tour guides at 0999998877 or 088899666.

Thank you.

Museum Staff

1. Why are the students expected to go back to the bus soon?
A. They have lost some members.
B. The teachers are waiting for them.
C. The students will go to the museum.
D. The buses will leave in about fifteen minutes.

2. Who should check the member of their tour group?
A. The captain
B. The teachers
C. Museum staff
D. The tour guide

3. “...any of them, contact your teacher...”
The underlined word is closest in meaning to....
A. go
B. call
C. meet
D. leave

The following text is for question 4 and 5

November, 8th 2015

Jl. Sukamenanti, 16
Semarang 2030

Dear Andina,
I hope this letter finds all of you in the best of health and spirits. All of us are also doing fine here. It has been a very long time since we met or wrote to each other. So I thought of penning down a few lines to check things with you.

We just got back from our vacation to Thailand and had a great time. We went to Phuket and Bangkok. Amazing, you must see those places. If you happen to plan a holiday to that side of the world do let me know and I shall give you tips on sightseeing, shopping, etc.

I want to share something that is disturbing me these days. Mom has not been keeping good health and I am really worried for her. Sometimes I see bad dreams about mom and they wake me up in the middle of the night. I am sure you know what bad dreams I am talking about. Please don’t share this with contact anybody and I know I can trust you on this.

Anyways you say what is up with you and how is work? I can see that it is keeping you really busy, as I haven’t heard from you at all.

Give my love to your mom and dad and loads of love to you too. Stay in touch and do write! Take care.



4. Why did the writer feel worried?
A. Her parents often woke her up in the middle of the night.
B. There were things disturbing her about her mother.
C. The writer had just come back from Thailand.
D. She often had good dreams lately.

5. Based on the text, we know that Tika ....
A. didn’t believe in Andina
B. liked to be awaken at late night
C. was still in Thailand at that time
D. cared about her mother’s condition

The following text is for question 6 and 7

Dear Jenny,
I want to apologize about what I said earlier. I didn’t mean to hurt your feeling. What I said is awful and insensitive and I am really sorry for that. I hope we can still be best friends.

Your friend,


6. What did Dina’s wish to Jenny?
A. Dina apologize to Jenny.
B. Jenny said sorry to Dina.
C. They can be something afwul.
D. Dina and Jenny can still be best friend.

7. “What I said is awful and insensitive.”
The underlined word in the sentence is closest in meaning to ...
A. aware
B. heartless
C. responsive
D. concerned

The following text is for question 8 and 9


Take your English skill to the next level
We are an English community based in Jakarta
to help you enhance your English skill.
Join our community now for free in:
Taman Mampang
Every Sunday
Conversation class at 10 a.m.
Grammar class at 1 p.m.

To join contact 08111843480 (text only)

8. If you want to join the community, what should you do?
A. Come to Mampang
B. Take part in Grammar class.
C. Practice the English conversation.
D. Sending message to contact number.

9. From the text, we know that English Expert 101 ....
A. opens two kinds of classes.
B. only for Jakarta community.
C. provides everyday free English course.
D. comes to enhance English community.

The following text is for question 10 - 12

Semarang School Fair
So many good schools to choose

When : May 25 and 26, 2015, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where : Java Mall at the first floor.

Why : Providing the best education for our children is a must. Many schools consider that they are the best ones. They offer not only well educated skills and science but also good character building to the children. The best one will always be costly, so you better prepare it as early as possible. Here you can choose which schools will be best suited for your lovely children.

10. Based on the text, we can infer that the best schools ....
A. may not good in education but low in price
B. are always well prepared as soon as possible
C. provide good character building, and science only
D. are expensive but good in education, science, and character building

11. What is being exhibited in the event?
A. A mall
B. Schools
C. Education
D. Character building.

12. ”The best one will always be costly, ... ”
The closest meaning of the underlined word is ....
A. risky
B. tasteless
C. high-priced
D. inexpensive

The following text is for question 13 and 14

Dear Dea,
I would like to invite you to attend our meeting. It will be held on :

Day / Date : Monday, November 9th 2015
Time : 14.00 – 15.00 p.m.
Agenda : Final preparation of graduation party of SMA Nusantara
Don’t be late and see you there.

OSIS leader,


13. The meeting will discuss about ...
A. SMP Nusantara meeting
B. the graduation day of the school
C. the preparation of school anniversary
D. the final preparation of the graduation party

14. From the text, we know that the meeting will be held at ....
A. cafe
B. hotel
C. school
D. house

The following text is for question 15 and 16

Dear Nasha,
Sorry, Nasha. I can’t keep my promise to go with you to the dentist this afternoon. I have to meet my client at 3 p.m. I have rescheduled the dentist appointment for tomorrow and he was OK with it.



15. “ ... and he was OK with it.”
The word “he” in the sentence refers to ....
A. Dad
B. Nasha
C. The dentist
D. The appointment

16. :” I have to meet my client... “
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A. owner
B. follower
C. manager
D. consumer

The following text is for question 17 - 19

Last month my friend and I went to Pangandaran beach, it took 5 hours from my hometown Bandung. We decided to go to Pangandaran beach with our motorcycles, because it was more interesting tour if we rode motorcycle from my hometown. We took a rest for a while in Tasik, and then continued our trip.

We arrived Pangandaran beach at 01.00 pm and we decided to stay at an inn for one night. In the afternoon we headed to the beach. We also have lunch there with eating some food that we brought from Bandung. We continued to explore the coast of Pangandaran. We started by exploring the beach, and the sea by boat Charter. We were very pleased and happy to play at the beach.

We started to come back to Bandung in the morning. It was a wonderful experience that I and my friends ever had. We will never forget that moment.

17. The main idea of the second paragraph is that the writer and his friends....
A. had lunch at the beach
B. stayed one night in the inn.
C. were excited playing at the beach.
D. arrived the beach in the morning.

18. Where did the writer and his friend have a rest before arriving Pangandaran?
A. in Tasik
B. in an inn
C. at the beach
D. at the hometown

19. Why did they go to the beach by riding motorcycle?
A. It was faster than by car.
B. The writer wanted to enjoy the scenery.
C. It was very cheap by riding motorcycle.
D. By riding the motorcycle the tour was more interesting

The following text is for question 20 - 23

Water lily native to the temperate and tropical parts of the world. Most species of water lilies have rounded, variously notched, waxy-coated leaves. They grow on long stalks that contain many air spaces and float in quiet freshwater habitats. The stalks arise from thick, fleshy, creeping underwater stems that are buried in the mud. Some water lilies also have submerged leaves.

The flowers are showy, fragrant, and solitary. They grow at or above the water surface on long stalks. The stalks are attached to the underground stems. The flowers of most species have many stamens (male reproductive structures). Some flowers open only in the morning or in the evening to attract insect pollinators. The fruit is usually nut like or berry like. Some fruits ripen underwater until they rupture or decay, and the seeds then float away or sink.

Water lilies provide food for fish and wildlife but sometimes cause drainage problems because of their rapid growth. Many varieties have been developed for ornamental use in garden pools and conservatories.

20. What are attracted by the opening flowers of Water Lily?
A. The stamens.
B. The other species.
C. The decayed fruits.
D. The insect pollinators.

21. The main idea of the last paragraph is that ....
A. water lily has some benefits
B. fish and wildlife are good for water lily
C. drainage problems are caused by water lily
D. garden pools and conservatories need water lily

22. “...until they rupture or decay, ... “ (paragraph three)
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A. grow
B. broken
C. drown
D. develop

23. Why are the seeds of water lily float away or sink?
A. The fruit is usually nut like or berrylike.
B. The fruits ripen, rupture and decay under water.
C. The flowers open in the morning and the afternoon.
D. The stalks are attached to the underground stems.

The following text is for question 24 - 27

Caring for Jasmine

*Provide stakes for climbing jasmine. Many varieties of jasmine require stakes to climb in order to grow strong and healthy

* Keep the environment moist. Water the soil around the jasmine throughout the growing season to keep it moist, but not soggy

*Fertilize the jasmine once a month. During the growing season, fertilizing the jasmine once a month will keep it blooming.

*Prune the jasmine. Throughout the growing season, remove dead leaves, flowers and stems by pinching them off or using hand pruners.

*Watch for pests. While jasmine generally isn't bothered by pests, it's still a good idea to watch out for certain insects that might affect its growth

24. To make the soil around the jasmine wet, we have to ... it.
A. prune
B. water
C. watch
D. fertilize

25. What can make the jasmine keeps blooming?
A. Fertilizing it once a month
B. Removing the dead leaves
C. Watching out for certain pests
D. Watering the jasmines until soggy

26. “ ... flowers and stems by pinching them off or using hand pruners” (tip 5).
What does the underlined word refer to?
A. Hand pruners
B. Growing seasons
C. Blooming jasmines
D. Leaves, flower, and stems

27. “ ... season to keep it moist, but not soggy.” (Tip 2) The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A. sticky
B. soaked
C. clammy
D. drained

The following text is for questions 28 - 30

The Ant and the Chrysalis

One day, an Ant was nimbly running about in the sunshine in search of food came across a Chrysalis that was very near its time of change. The Chrysalis moved its tail, and thus attracted the attention of the Ant, who then saw for the first time that it was alive. "Poor, pitiable animal!" cried the Ant disdainfully. "What a sad fate is yours! While I can run hither and thither, at my pleasure, and, if I wish, ascend the tallest tree, you lie imprisoned here in your shell, with power only to move a joint or two of your scaly tail." The Chrysalis heard all this, but did not try to make any reply.

A few days after, when the Ant passed that way again, nothing but the shell remained. Wondering what had become of its contents, he felt himself suddenly shaded and fanned by the gorgeous wings of a beautiful Butterfly. "Behold in me, your much-pitied friend! " said the Butterfly, " Boast of your powers to run and climb as long as you can get me to listen now" So saying, the Butterfly rose in the air, and, borne along and aloft on the summer breeze, was soon lost to the sight of the Ant forever.

28. Why did the Ant disdain the Chrysalis?
A. The Ant felt shaded and fanned by the gorgeous wings.
B. The Chrysalis lay imprisoned in the shell with less power.
C. The Ant was very near to the Chrysalis, who then see him.
D. The Chrysalis heard the Ant, but did not try to make any reply.

29. What attracted the attention of the Ant?
A. The tallest tree.
B. A sad fate of ant.
C. The pitiable animal.
D. The moving tail of chrysalis.

30. What can we learn from the text?
A. Appearances are often deceptive.
B. Those who suffer most cry out the least.
C. It is easy to despise what you cannot get.
D. It is easy to be brave from a safe distance.

The following text is for questions 31 - 34

Ladybugs are insects in the Coccinellidae family of the beetle order, Coleoptera. They are characterized by their oval‐shaped body and distinctive coloring.

Although these insects are commonly called “ladybugs,” they are members of the beetle order, Coleoptera. The Coleoptera are unique from other orders in that they undergo complete metamorphosis (that is, have larva and pupa stages in their life cycle), and their forewings have modified into a hardened cover that protects the insect. Other frequently used common names are ladybirds or ladybird beetles.

Both adult and larval ladybugs are known primarily as predators of aphids but they also prey on many other soft‐bodied insects and insect eggs. Many of these are agricultural pest such as scale insects, mealybugs, spider mites and eggs of the Colorado Potato Beetle and European Corn Borer. A few ladybugs feed on plant and pollen mildews and many ladybugs supplement their meat diet with pollen.

Ladybugs are not commonly eaten by birds or other vertebrates, who avoid them because they exude a distasteful fluid and commonly play dead to avoid being preyed upon. However, several insects, such as assassin bugs and stink bugs, as well as spiders and toads may commonly kill lady beetles.

31. The text is about ....
A. Types of insects
B. Ladybugs in general.
C. What a ladybug eats
D. The other names of ladybugs

32. The Coleoptera are said unique because of their ....
A. common names
B. prayers and food
C. habits and behavior
D. life cycle and forewings

33. What are eaten by ladybugs?
A. Spiders.
B. Stink bugs.
C. Assassin bugs.
D. Soft-bodied insects.

34. “ ... because they exude a distasteful fluid... ” (Paragraph 3)
What is the closest in meaning of the underlined word?
A. Emit
B. Issue
C. Pass
D. exhibit

The following text is for questions 35 – 37

Hello friends, here I would like to tell you my idol. His full name is Iqbaal Dhiafakhri Ramadhan. Usually we call him Iqbaal. He was born on Surabaya 28th December 1999. He’s 13 years old. He lives in Jl. Pondok Kopi III B no. D6/11 RT.6 RW.6 Jakarta Timur.

He has short, straight black hair and round eyes. He also has thick eyebrow and eyelash, oval and cute face. He has pointed nose and light brown skin. He has thin body. He’s 150 cm. He has white teeth, and slim lips. He has good voice. That is the reason he could join the popular Indonesia kid boy band, named Coboy Junior and be one of the member of the band.

He studies in Global Islamic School (GIS) Jakarta. The school address is on Jl. Condet Raya, Jakarta Timur. He is in class 7C. His favorite subjects are Fiqih and English. He likes to recite Al-Quran, his holly book. His hobbies are reading, listening music, singing, and watching cartoon movie. His fashion style is moody. But he likes using t-shirt. he also collects so many hats. When he is in show with Coboy Junior he usually wears hat and butterfly tie.

35. The main idea of the second paragraph is that Iqbaal ....
A. has some hobbies
B. is the member of Coboy Junior
C. has nice physical performance
D. studies in Global Islamic School (GIS) Jakarta

36. Why could Iqbaal be the member of the kid boy band?
A. He style is moody.
B. He has a cute face.
C. His voice is very good.
D. He likes listening to music.

37. What does Iqbaal look like?
A. He has small eyes.
B. He body is bid and strong.
C. His face is roundel and cute.
D. He has short hair and pointed nose.

The following text is for questions 38 – 40

Jaka Tarub was a handsome young man. He was very popular in the village. Many young girls fell in love with him. However Jaka Tarub thought that they were not beautiful enough to be his wife. That's why he was still single. He wanted to have a very beautiful wife.

Jaka Tarub went to the forest to collect some woods. Suddenly he heard some noise from the waterfall. He was curious. The noise was from the girls taking a bath in the waterfall. Slowly, Jaka Tarub walked to the area. When he arrived there, he saw seven beautiful girls taking a bath. He was really amazed by their beauty. After they were finished the girls slowly took their shawl. Amazingly after they wore the shawls they flew to the sky. “ They were not humans. They were fairies” said Jaka Tarub surprised. After that Jaka Tarub went home. He was very restless. He was still thinking about those seven beautiful girls.

On the next day, Jaka Tarub then decided to go back to the waterfall. When those fairies were taking a bath, he stole one of their shawls. And that made one fairy could not fly back to the sky. She cried. Jaka Tarub then approached her. "What's wrong? Why are you crying?" "I lost my shawl. I cannot go back home. All my sisters have left me. My name is Nawang Wulan. I will give you anything if you can find my shawl." said the fairy.

"I'll help you. But if we can't find it, you can stay at my house. You can be my wife," said Jaka Tarub. Then he pretended to look for the shawl. And of course they could not find it. After that they went to Jaka Tarub's home. Later they got married. They had a baby girl. They had a happy life. They always had enough rice to eat. They did not have to work hard like their neighbors. It was because Nawang Wulan used her magic in cooking.

One day, Jaka Tarub asked her about the magic. Nawang Wulan did not tell him the secret and asked him not to open the cooking pan’s lid. She said that if Jaka Tarub open the lid, they had to work hard to get a lot of rice to cook.

One day Jaka Tarub was really curious. He then opened the cooking pan’s lid. He saw there was only a small portion of rice to cook. When she got home come Nawang Wulan knew that Jaka Tarub had opened the lid. She was angry because she already lost the magic in cooking. Now she had to take big portion to cook. Slowly there was not enough rice in the silo. And when Nawang Wulan wanted to take the last portion of rice, she found her shawl. Jaka Tarub hide the shawl in the silo.

Nawang Wulan was really happy. She then said, "I will go home now. Take care of our daughter. When there is full moon, take her out of the house and I'll come to get her." Nawang Wulan then flew to the sky. Jaka Tarub was really sad. And to keep the promise, Jaka Tarub always went out of the house with his daughter when there was full moon. But Nawang Wulan never came back.

Downloaded from : http://folklore-lover.blogspot.co.id/2001/06/jaka-tarub-and-nawang-wulan.htm(November,8th 2015)l

38. The main idea of paragraph two is that Jaka Tarub ....
A. pretended to find the shawl.
B. was curious about the fairies.
C. brought Nawang Wulan to his house.
D. is a young and popular man his village.

39. Why was Nawang Wulan angry with Jaka Tarub?
A. She lost her magic in cooking.
B. She had to cook in big portion.
C. Jaka Tarub hide the shawl in the Silo
D. Nawang Wulan could not find her shawl.

40. From the text we know that Jaka Tarub ....
A. was a curious man
B. had a happy family forever
C. wanted to have the magic in cooking
D. liked to be a single man in the village

For questions 41 – 43, complete the paragraph with the words provided

Do you know a bat ? A bat has fur or hair on its body. A baby bat is born live. The babies nurse from their mom. Bats have arms, hands and feet. They are warm blooded.

Bats are very (41) … animals. They help farmers to control the insect population. Bats produce high pitched (42) ... . These sounds can’t be heard by humans or other animals. The sound waves bounce off the food they hunt, such as insects, then back to the bats, telling them where the food is.

Most of them (43) ... during the day, hanging upside down in caves or other dark places. Some actually live under big leaves.

41. A. useful
B. careful
C. frightening
D. annoying

42. A. sounds
B. voices
C. shouts
D. crowd

43. A. sleep
B. hunt
C. fly
D. eat

For questions 41 – 43, complete the paragraph with the words provided

Last week, I spent my holiday in Jogjakarta. I went to Borobudur Temple. My family and I left at 05.30 am in the (44).... We went to Borobudur Temple by private car. I had prepared everything before we went to Jogja. While we were driving, we could see some beautiful views of mountains, forests, and waterfalls. My family and I arrived Borobudur Temple at 11:30 (45) ... the afternoon. There, I saw many tourists. Borobudur Temple was crowded in that holiday vacation. I could learn (46) ... practice speaking English with one of foreign tourists. His name was Jack. He was very friendly. It was my first time to speak English with a foreign tourist. We went back at 04:30 in the evening. It was a very interesting vacation.
Adapted from : www.blogspot.com (November 8, 2015)

44. A. morning
B. afternoon
C. evening
D. night

45. A. at
B. in
C. on
D. near

46. A. or
B. and
C. but
D. because

For questions 47 and 48, arrange the words into the good sentence!

47. assignment (1) – in fishing (2) – she (3) – when (4) – her (5) – I (6) – was (7) – saw (8) – her (9)
A. 2-1-5-7-9-8-4-3-6
B. 7-1-3-8-2-9-6-4-5
C. 3-7-2-9-1-4-6-8-5
D. 2-1-5-7-9-8-4-6-3

48. I (1) – to meet (2) – wanted (3) – Tono (4) – me (5) – stay (6) – didn’t (7) – at home (8) – but (9).
A. 5-8-2-4-1-9-7-6-3
B. 4-3-2-5-9-1-7-6-8
C. 5-6-8-1-2-4-7-9-3
D. 2-1-4-3-5-7-9-8-6

For questions 49 and 50, arrange the sentences into good orders

1. Firstly, boil water until boiled.
2. Wait until you can smell the pineapple.
3. After that, bring them to boil and add the pineapples.
4. Then add sugar, cinnamon, and clovers.
5. Here are the steps of making Pineapple Stew
6. Finally, remove from heat and serve cold.

49. The best arrangement is ...
A. 5-1-3-2-4-6
B. 5-1-2-3-4-6
C. 5-1-4-3-2-6
D. 5-4-3-2-1-6

1. This word derived from German and means bench.
2. The type of services offered by a bank depends on the type of bank and the country.
3. A bank is a financial institution that provides banking and other financial services.
4. Typically, a bank generates profits from transaction fees on financial services or the interests from a loan.
5. It is an institution that holds a banking license.
6. The word bank derived from the Italian banca.

50. The best arrangement is ...
A. 6-1-3-2-5-4
B. 3-1-4-2-6-2
C. 4-2-5-1-3-6
D. 3-5-6-1-4-2
---(Good Luck)---
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