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Notable Record Breaker Storms Southport Shoreline


A memorable accumulation of more than twenty Sunbeams and other pre-war autos assembled to praise the 90th commemoration of Sir Henry Segrave's record-breaking keep running along Southport's shoreline as the highlight of the town's Celebration of Rate on 16 Walk. 

Star of the occasion was without a doubt the genuine auto in which the WWI pilot secured the record at 152.3mph, the as of late reestablished 1925 Sunbeam "Tiger" uncommonly worked for Segrave by the Wolverhampton-based firm.

With its gigantically propelled quad-cam supercharged V12 motor the "Tiger" or "Ladybird" as it was initially named is at present claimed by the Power India Equation One group foremost Vijay Mallya, yet was driven on the shoreline by keeper Malcolm Page.

An expansive horde of local people saw it drive the mile and back generally as it had done 90 years prior to the day.

The biggest social affair of Sunbeams as of late additionally included David White's heavenly 12/16 return for capital invested de Belge Tourer worked in 1910, alongside a fabulous choice of other vintage and great autos, various which kept running along the popular stretch of sand and participated in Saturday's Concours and hundred autos Amazing Parade along Southport's well known Master Road.

To keep the energy going different talks and displays likewise occurred in Southport and Ainsdale, every one of them devoted to Sir Henry, Sunbeam and the brilliance of the district's initial motoring pioneers.

Sir Henry Segrave's awesome nephew Stephen Segrave was there to see the Tiger driven on the shoreline.

"It's been a shockingly enthusiastic day re-living the past with such a notorious auto and truly brilliant to commend my awesome uncle's legacy" he said.

Gina Campbell, amazing little girl of Sir Malcolm and little girl of Donald Campbell was likewise there to partake at the time.

The Sunbeam Record breaking auto was sold to Sir Malcolm in 1932 and he and John Cobb kept on dashing it straight up until the episode of WW2, while Lorne Jacob's astounding re-formation of Campbell's 1927 Napier Bluebird was likewise famous with the group.

Sorted out by the Aintree Circuit Club, the Atkinson Display and Sefton Gathering, the four day celebration observed Southport's one of a kind legacy in the early years of English motorsport and the control of English drivers of rate records.

Furthermore, whilst JG Repel Thomas and "Babs" took the record around a month later, Sir Henry and "Ladybird" composed themselves and Ainsdale into motoring history, the smooth open sands drawing in ten engine producers to the zone, speed trials along the promenade alongside a large group of different LRS endeavors.

Words and pictures: James Mann/Mark Stone

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