Sabtu, 09 Juli 2016

New Caterham Advertisement Spoofs Carrier Wellbeing


Have you ever pondered what a car security address would look like in the event that it connected the same equation utilized for carrier wellbeing presentations?

Ponder no more, as Caterham Autos, the eccentric English manufacturer of underhandedly quick Lotus 7 imitations, discharged another video doing only that. 

To be reasonable, this isn't as a matter of course what a great many people would consider an "ordinary" auto.

Caterham Sevens are no frills, open-wheeled street rockets that are more superbike than games auto. In the video, an intrigued client listens to a security preparation from a "flight specialist."

Every guideline is lifted straightforwardly from a carrier's playbook, and adjusted to the elite Caterham. 

In the first place up, the chaperon teaches viewers on the best way to utilize the Seven's seat straps.

As you'd might envision, the Caterham packs pedal to the metal dashing outfits, keeping the intrigued traveler secure amid "turbulence." 

Need to stow a lightweight suitcase in the capacity compartments? No such good fortune, as the Seven doesn't have any trunk space for anything bigger than maybe a shopping sack.

As the lady takes note of, the utilization of cellphones amid "departure" is entirely taboo.

For this situation, the featherweight Caterham dispatches with savage force, sending the traveler's telephone flying. 

Obviously, there is a whole other world to see and hear than what we recorded, including superbly unnecessary footage of a brilliant green Caterham propelling, floating, and smoking the back tires.
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