Sabtu, 23 Juli 2016

New Autos for 2016: Rolls-Royce


Sunrise (appeared over): another softtop convertible (make that drophead roadster) form of the Phantom was uncovered for the current month.

Expect the same perfect outside as the Phantom shorn of its fastback rooftop, in addition to a luxurious four-seat inside got to by suicide entryways. See official photographs and data ›› 

Apparition: Consequently collapsing mirrors are standard. Oak lacquer replaces elm dash trim. See 2015 first drive ›› 

Apparition: The starlight main event—a fundamental $12,500 alternative—now gives a stunning twinkling impact.

Expanded wheelbase models now incorporate flexible calf-and footstools for back seat travelers. Oak replaces elm here, as well. See 

Apparition: Kneading front seats and versatile headlamps get to be standard. Elm replaces oak. In R-R arrive, these are no minor trim changes.

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