Rabu, 06 Juli 2016

Lamborghini Miura Scoops Top Recompense at FoS


The Lamborghini Exhibition hall's own 1971 Miura SV was delegated general victor in the Cartier Style et Luxury concours d'elegance at the current year's Goodwood Celebration of Velocity. 

Julien Slade's 1898 Benz Velo took class respects in the Mentor and no Stallions classification, while the English Effortlessness, American Pace class was won by Paul Giovanni's rich 1967 air conditioning 428 Fastback. 

Phillipe Coret's Astura Pinin Farina Cabriolet "Bocca" won the Alpha to Zeta prize for spearheading Lancias, with the Gandini's Furious Bull class topped by Scratch Gatehouses' 1975 Lamborghini Contact Periscopo. 

The judging board included Apple boss originator Sir Jonathan Ive and model David Gandy.
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