Jumat, 08 Juli 2016

Cadillac Adds Carbon Dark Game Bundle to 2017 ATS and CTS Lineup


Cadillac has reported the Carbon Dark game bundle for the 2017 ATS and CTS lineup, which includes a large group of passed out restorative redesigns all around.

Picking the bundle, be that as it may, limits your outside shading decisions to four on the standard ATS, five on the ATS-V, and four on the whole CTS range including the elite CTS-V.

Inside shading decisions for both ATS and CTS are Dark black and Light Platinum on the off chance that you need the Carbon Dark game bundle. 

For the 2017 ATS and ATS-V, the Carbon Dark game bundle includes a dark chrome grille, dark completed side window moldings, body-hued entryway handles, After 12 pm dull completion wheels, V-Arrangement spoiler and low-gleam carbon fiber inside trim.

The most foremost component is the Recaro V-Arrangement front seats, which come as a feature of the bundle in the ATS and ATS-V.

In the 2017 CTS, the Carbon Dark game bundle includes a dark chrome grille, After 12 pm dim completion wheels, the V-Arrangement spoiler, low-gleam carbon fiber inside trim and redesigned execution front seats.

The Recaro V-Arrangement front seats are a discretionary additional on the CTS and CTS-V. 

Selective to the ATS-V and CTS-V is the Carbon Fiber bundle that includes a more forceful front splitter, hood vent trim, back diffuser, and a taller back spoiler with uncovered carbon fiber in the CTS-V or body-hued in the ATS-V.

The Carbon Fiber bundle in the ATS-V likewise gets composite rocker expansion boards, which isn't included the CTS-V. 

The new appearance bundle will be accessible when the 2017 Cadillac ATS and CTS go marked down later this mid year, however merchants are taking requests now.

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