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Crisp M4 From BimmerFest West 2016


The BMW M3 is a standout amongst the most notorious execution autos ever delivered ever.

It's the main auto to have more motorsport titles than the Porsche 911, it's adored by a large number of individuals everywhere throughout the world, and it's been a benchmark for all visiting autos throughout the previous 30 years.

At the end of the day, the M3 is an extreme demonstration to take after, presumably much the same as singing "Yankee Doodle Dandy" after Beyonce simply wrapped up the national song of devotion. However, that is basically what the BMW M4 needs to do. 

As overwhelming as that may be, M4 has been doing the occupation well so far and has been grasped by BMW fans and the reseller's exchange as the new visiting car to beat.

The prime case of its acknowledgment was the sheer volume of M4 at BimmerFest West 2016. Notwithstanding their high numbers, there were four (get it?)

M4 specifically that truly emerged over the rest. How about we investigate them!


I may be somewhat one-sided with regards to this specific auto because of the way that it was assembled by my companion Ernie Manasala, Chief of the KOLAB advertising organization.

The parts list on this manufacture peruses like a's "who" (or's "what," by and large) of the business; Rotiform, Meguiars, Pirelli, and Vorsteiner (who made the wiped out GTRS4 widebody pack) all put hands on Ernie's M4.

I never become weary of taking a gander at this thing!

Impenetrable Car VARIS WIDEBODY M4 

This is presumably a standout amongst the most JDM German autos you'll ever see.

From the Varis widebody pack to the RunDuce brakes to the Volk Dashing TE37s, it looks as though pretty much everything on this auto was overnighted from Japan.

I truly burrow the way everything meets up, keeping in mind some may dissent, I think the representation are pretty rad.

Everything runs pleasantly with the indications of uncovered carbon fiber that come through.


While not about as wild as alternate autos in this article, Ian Passage's M4 is an awesome case of the "toning it down would be ideal" school of configuration.

Ian is a customary on street encourages, for example, MEGARUN and Targa Trophy, so having a major wide body unit isn't too functional.

Rather Ian utilized a blend of carbon fiber parts from any semblance of APR and Vorsteiner to spare some weight while adding a decent complexity to the "Snow capped White" completion.

In the event that I needed to make up a term to depict Ian's M4 I'd call it "tastefully forceful," and yes I'm mindful of the "send nudes" decal under the wing!

Despite everything I say its tasteful, damn it!

Noteworthy WRAP Freedom WALK M4 

Here and there individuals can get so insane with their autos it's hard not to value it.

Great Wrap's BMW seems as though somebody truly took a major sack loaded with about $30k in real money, tossed it at a M4, and this is the outcome: a chrome red-magma like wrap, gold plated Savini Fashioned wheels, canards for a considerable length of time, and a wing that a gathering of 10 could have supper off of.

This could be called "grandiose" or "overcompensated," yet never "exhausting" – and that is the reason I like it!

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