Selasa, 28 Juni 2016

2017 Portage GT ; 66 Legacy Release Pays Praise to 1966 LE Keeps an Eye on Victor


To respect the triumphant GT40 Mark II race auto driven by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon at the 1966 Le Keeps an eye on, Portage will present the 2017 Passage GT '66 Legacy Version.

The restricted release includes a one of a kind dark and silver-stripe attire and also elite race-number design and inside hues, materials, and arrangements. 

"Praising the commemoration of Portage's noteworthy triumphs at Le Keeps an eye on has dependably been a part of the arrival of the Passage GT," said Raj Nair, Portage official VP of item improvement and boss specialized officer, in an announcement.

"The 2017 Portage GT '66 Legacy Release is a dazzling tribute to the auto that commenced Passage's string of Le Keeps an eye on triumphs in 1966." 

Alongside the outside overhauls on the '66 Legacy Version, the inside elements carbon-fiber seats wrapped in Coal black calfskin, offering padded embeds and drive through sewing.

The head restrictions and controlling wheel bear the Passage GT logo, while the instrument board, columns, and main event are wrapped in Midnight calfskin with gold appliques.

The safety belts highlight exceptional blue webbing.

The remainder of the adjustments incorporate a serialized ID plate, #2 inside entryway realistic, and uncovered matte carbon fiber entryway ledges, air register cases, and focus console. 

The 2017 Portage GT '66 Legacy Version may be accessible for the 2017 model year in constrained amounts. Look at the exhibition underneath for a more intensive look.

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