Minggu, 12 Juni 2016

2017 Passage F-150 Raptor Gets Custom BFGoodrich KO2 Tires


The most go romping focused half-ton pickup going onto the business sector in the not so distant future, the 2017 Passage Engine Organization [NYSE:F] F-150 Raptor, will ride on an arrangement of BFGoodrich Off-road T/A KO2 tires that aren't precisely indistinguishable to the ones you can buy at your nearby tire shop. 

Rather, the bespoke adaptation of the world's most well known off-road tire was produced close by the most recent form of the Raptor.

Portage says it teamed its architects up with those from BFGoodrich to ensure that "the tires coordinated the compelling execution anticipated from Raptor." 

Passage said in a discharge issued to individuals from the media that several hours of testing were included in their coordinated effort with BFGoodrich.

What makes the Raptor's adaptation of the generally off-the-rack KO2 are a large group of restrictive changes intended to make the truck more agreeable on street and to offer better hold when the asphalt runs out. 

The tires are additionally race-demonstrated: Portage utilizes the same tires on its Best in the Desert race trucks.

That requesting arrangement is one of a definitive continuance tests for trucks, not to mention their rough terrain tires. 

The most recent Raptor will ride on 35-inch elastic, among the biggest ever offered from the manufacturing plant on a SUV or pickup truck.

Source: http://st.motortrend.com/
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