Rabu, 22 Juni 2016

2017 Honda Ridgeline Flaunts its Truck Bed Sturdiness At the End of the Day


Honda today discharged another video to exhibit how extreme the truck bed is in its new 2017 Ridgeline.

It's a subsequent meet-up a past test where the automaker dropped 60 overwhelming stones into the Ridgeline's composite bed, which brought about insignificant harm to the surface.

This time around, Honda pushes a tool kit (loaded with devices) off a side rail's edge, making for a hard arriving on the bed. 

Taking after the test, the video zooms into demonstrate the range where the tool compartment arrived, with the moderator asserting there was "extremely minor, if barely any harm, at all to the truck. Really, presumably a tiny bit more on the tool compartment." 

Honda created these recordings taking after a promotion by Chevrolet that showed the strength of the steel truck bed in its Silverado contrasted with the aluminum one in the Passage F-150.

Chevrolet played out the previously stated tests on both trucks, which brought about more harm to the Portage than the Chevy.

Chevrolet played out the tool compartment test 14 times on both trucks. In the video, the Passage experienced bed punctures in 13 of the 14 tests.

Then, Chevy asserted the Silverado just experienced minor marks and two "pinhole punctures."

The tool stash in Chevy's tests measured 28 pounds. Honda didn't unveil the heaviness of the tool compartment utilized as a part of its test.
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