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2013 Scion FR-S Spec Grasp Introduce


Certainly, it's enjoyable to discuss turbochargers, sweet wheels, suspension, and air, yet very regularly we overlook a crucial part to put down the ability to the wheels—a grip.

Odds are you'll never hear some individual say, "Dope grasp, brother! What's the force rating on one of those?"

Grasp will never be feature news, nor will they ever take the spotlight at a SEMA appear, yet when you begin listening to your auto shriek and crush, that theme you never discussed may be your most noteworthy concern. 

For as far back as two years, I've been building my six-speed FR-S for the road and infrequent track utilization.

I'm a firm devotee that suspension ought to be top need, so in went an arrangement of KW V3 coilovers first.

The following stride in tuning is up for tact, however I concentrated on outside mods.

I took a stab at going for something somewhat ageless yet one of a kind, so I ran with a blend of TRD and Rocket Bunny parts, sprinkled with a touch of Seibon carbon-fiber pieces.

Execution savvy, the FA20 is overhauled with a HKS premium suction consumption, Tanabe Emblem Idea G debilitate, TOMEI Ti straight pipe, and a DC Sports race header.

After my last dyno, I made 174 hp. 

My next arrangements require some constrained impelling, however since I drive the auto in LA activity ordinary and take it to the intermittent weekend track occasion, my throwout bearing went out when I hit 80,000 miles.

The planning appeared well and good to source a superior grip and flywheel in readiness for more strength, so I hit up SPEC for its redesigned stage 3+ grasp. 

Grasp 101 

Grasps aren't as mind boggling as you think. The fundamental parts are the flywheel, the grip circle, and the weight plate.

The flywheel is darted on to the motor's crankshaft to exchange torque, and it additionally has different obligations like connecting with the starter when you first start up your motor.

The heavier a flywheel is, the harder a motor will work to rev up. SPEC's billet flywheels are made with the most noteworthy quality steel and aluminum to keep them lightweight.

They're likewise one of only a handful couple of flywheels available made to a 0.001 machine resilience.

This is essential for the following part, the grip plate. At the point when the flywheel's surface interacts with the grip circle, it starts to turn.

Contingent upon what the erosion surface is comprised of, that will decide the engagement of the grasp. Normally, OEM grips will give a smooth engagement.

SPEC's superior circles are developed with carbon semi-metallic material that will give extraordinary hold.

The circle additionally contains different parts, for example, its center point and springs. For my Stage 3+ grip, the center point is twofold sprung and the springs are warmth treated for additional quality.

Ultimately, there's the weight plate, which has the occupation of connecting with and withdrawing the grasp.

When you're not squeezing the grasp, the weight plate will push to get the circle to the flywheel with the throwout bearing. Contrarily, when the grip pedal is locked in, the flywheel and plate turn freely. 


I took my FR-S to my neighborhood companions at Auto Tuned for a specialist introduce. Initially request of business is to separate battery terminals.

Next, you'll have to evacuate the middle console inside the auto to get to the shifter. Pry focus boards and unplug the little electrical connector underneath the footing control catches.

Evacuate the USB/AUX trim and detach the USB connector.

From here, you'll need to expel six jolts, two close to the USB/AUX trim, two straightforwardly beneath the footing control catches, and two underneath the cupholder range.

Unplug the 12v container and the middle console ought to lift right off. There are two white plastic push cuts that hold down the shifter protection.

Underneath shifter protection will be a section that can be evacuated by unbolting four jolts. Expel the four jolts holding down the converse lockout plate. 

Auto Tuned tip: Utilize a Sharpie to stamp the position of the jolts and situation so when you set up it back together you can adjust it to the first spots.

Else, you'll experience difficulty getting into converse. At the base of the shifter you'll have to expel a clasp and a washer to separate the genuine shifter.

In the motor cove, you'll need to separate the motor saddle and tuck it so it won't act as a burden and have a shot of getting smashed.

Alongside the transmission you'll have to disengage the starter and grip expert chamber.

Underneath the auto you'll have to evacuate heat shields and boards. Unbolt your front pipe and fumes. This will uncover the driveshaft.

Before we expelled it, we flushed out the transmission liquid. Unbolt the four jolts that associate the differential and the driveshaft and in addition the two jolts holding up the driveshaft section.

Since the driveshaft and fumes are off the beaten path, you can unbolt the transmission mount and the two jolts holding the fumes holder.

Next, expel the jolts holding the transmission to the motor. Utilize a jack to tilt and hold the heaviness of the motor.

We prescribe utilizing a transmission jack, yet in the event that you don't, you'll have to call Auto Tuned's Young Tea to seat press the transmission out.

As should be obvious, the throwout bearing was in truly terrible condition.

SPEC gives a fresh out of the plastic new unit that will cut right on, however before supplanting the bearing, you'll need to clean and apply high-temperature oil on the pole.

There are six jolts to unbolt that hold the weight plate to the grip. Expel the plate and the grasp circle. Expel the eight jolts holding down the flywheel.

Introduce the new flywheel utilizing the stock jolts. Torque them to OEM specs in a star design. Refill the transmission liquid and set up everything back together in converse request. Voila! 


At the point when to hope to change out your grip. On the off chance that you possess a Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ, the tragic truth is that your throwout bearing will turn sour.

Reports say anyplace from the 65,000-to 85,000-mile range. Mine broke down at 81,000 miles. 

How does the auto drive with the Stage 3+. Since the grinding zone on the plate is built of carbon metallic, it made for a truly unpleasant engagement.

In any case, it's the exchange off you get for elite grasps. One day of driving and you'll get the hang of it. There are other minor issues, for example, clamor, yet they don't trouble me excessively.

In the event that it implies I get a grasp that is tough and can hold the force I'll be making, I'll readily persevere through the little impairments. 

Rough Expenses. Grip employments as a rule keep running about $600-$900 without parts. My Stage 3+ pack incorporated the flywheel, circle, and weight plate, estimated at $758 MSRP.

On the off chance that you simply require an OEM substitution, the Exedy substitution is $355 MSRP, however it doesn't accompany another flywheel.

In the event that you would prefer not to buy another flywheel, another alternative is to restore your OEM unit. 

Overhaul: Constrained Impelling OTW! 

Not long after the SPEC grip introduce, I got uplifting news as to the force that I've been sitting tight for.

When I was gazing upward constrained actuation choices, there were two or three things that I needed to remember.

To begin with, since the Hot Magma shading isn't precisely prudent and my air is an open welcome for cops to force me over, I needed to run with a helped arrangement that was California-state lawful.

Furthermore, with a magazine proofreader's compensation, it must be financially savvy. Toward the day's end, I chose Jackson Dashing's supercharger pack.

Jackson Dashing was established and still worked by a father-child pair. Oscar Jackson Sr. is a building virtuoso and a wellspring of learning with regards to hustling.

His child Oscar Jackson Jr. is pretty much as splendid and an incredible racer.

At the season of the grasp introduce, they let me know their pack were put in a raincheck for; be that as it may, two or three weeks went by and I'm fed to at long last have their supercharger unit close by, which incorporates a greater Rotrex C38 blower.

It was a honor and to see Oscar Jackson Sr. himself convey the supercharger pack to me.

We discussed the significance of cooling for a decent half hour before laying out the pack's segments at Auto Tuned.

To place it into point of view, the Rotrex C38 unit is about the extent of a swole pitbull and is said to make the most torque for any FR-S/BRZ supercharger pack in the business sector.

Stay tuned for the introduce and the dyno numbers in an up and coming issue!

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